Go4Growth Action Planning Tool

Welcome to the Go4Growth Platform

This action planning tool supports small businesses and VCSE’s looking to win new business with the public sector. It provides a simple gap analysis to help you identify the skills, tools and documentation required to work with the public sector. It has been created to help organisations like yours to grow in confidence and win new work. 

A range of resources, tips, and practical guidance are provided along the way to help you:

  • Find and understand opportunities to work with the public sector
  • Demonstrate competence and promote your business to help you win work in this market
  • Understand how to best demonstrate the financial credibility public sector clients need
  • Write the policies that align with public sector needs
  • Prepare bids that give you the best chance at success
  • Explore how to develop partnerships and long-term collaborations that will help your organisation thrive

Whether you are currently working with the public sector or have identified the potential of this marketplace, this free tool will create a customised action plan and direct you to practical resources.

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